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Name: SMT technology

    SMT stands for surface mount technology, which is a comprehensive system engineering. It highly requires supplier to be professional as it will cover the PCB design, stencil design, solder paste printing and test, SMT, reflow and AOI. With over ten years’ experience on car ignition module’s production, Jianke combines SMT and THT technology in some special processes. Thus, Jianke has a very mature intrusive reflow capability.

    With the advantage of ten years’ producing ignition modules’ experience, Jianke selects automotive grade raw materials, introduce advanced SMT abroad and strictly follow ISO WI to ensure the advantages in the manufacturing process and team.

   Jianke has two 100 thousand dust-free workshop, five full automotive SMT lines, and daily output can reach 80 thousand pieces of ignition module. The whole production process can meet international automotive industry IATF16949’s technology specifications. Our products can meet IPC-A-610’s requirements. Also, per industry problem – void content of PCBA, Jianke has perfect solution.

SMT principles:

1.     DFM: When start to design the modules, DFM will be applied to ensure efficiency.

2.     Process control: monitoring manufacturing, tracking components and recording documents.

3.     Solder paste control: FIFO, Lot management, churning time for solder paste, re-warming control.

4.     Stencil and solder paste printing: The stencil is designed per products, and define washing time per different stencils.

5.     SMT: Access limits for program adjustment and double check for materials on line

6.     Reflow: process parameters and reflow temperature curve control, Nitrogen protection, temperature measurement and optimizing curves.

7.     Test: including SPI, AOI, ICT, FCT, and electrical and appearance inspection.

    Jianke Electronics provides prefer SMT solutions. Per each PCBA, we take care each process-stencil printing, SMT program adjustment, reflow profile’s curves, SPI, AOI, ICT and FCT. We believe, good products can be produced not chose per SMT technology. We will strictly follow IATF16949 to monitor manufacturing processes and keep on improving. Our NG ratio is at 50ppm. During the SMT, our engineer will summarize in DFM, and point out the defects in manufacturing to optimize products’ design technology, which will enhance our yield ratio.

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Add:Building 3, Beishan Industrial Zone, Beishan Road, Yantian District, Shenzhen, China
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